Changes made in BMS pit road timing-lines

NASCAR has added two pit road timing lines on each side of the track at Bristol to lessen the advantage of certain pit stalls. #2-Brad Keselowski raised eyebrows during his victory at the .533-mile track last August by accelerating rapidly from his pit stall and slowing suddenly as he approached the next time line. Since pit road speed is measured across areas separated by the timing lines, certain stalls located just beyond timing lines have been particularly advantageous.

Consequently, a driver can go as fast as possible in the segment in which his or her pit stop occurs without fear of a speeding penalty, effectively circumventing for a short burst Bristol's 30 mph pit-road speed limit. The timing lines added to the frontstretch and backstretch pits effectively cut the timing segments from the length of 11 pit stalls to six. NASCAR Wire Services

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