Two DRS zones for Melbourne

Formula 1 governing body the FIA has confirmed that there will be a double DRS activation zone for this weekend’s season-opening Australian Grand Prix. However, in a somewhat surprising move, there will be just a sole detection point.

The single detection zone is located before Turn 14, with the first activation point being at the top of the start/finish straight and in the same location as 2011. The added activation point is located on the exit of the second corner, allowing for more action on the run to Turn 3.

The decision to have only one detection point is likely to raise questions in the paddock, as such a system was met with mixed opinions at races such as Canada last year; on that occasion, should a car have passed in the first activation zone, it was then able to use DRS again and pull out a further advantage in the following zone.

For 2012, DRS (Drag Reduction System) keeps the same regulations as last year, meaning it will be activated on the third lap after the start or Safety Car restart. A driver will be able to deploy it, should he be within one second of the car he is chasing. A small change is that Race Director Charlie Whiting can now choose with more force whether to disable the system due to adverse weather conditions.

The exact Melbourne DRS locations are as follows:

Detection: 13 meters before Turn 14
Activation 1: 795 meters before Turn 1
Activation 2: 510 meters before Turn 3

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