Wind Tunnel Sunday (3/11)

Ralph Gilles, who’s in charge of Chrysler’s motorsports programs, will be unveiling the 2013 Dodge CUP car this weekend in Las Vegas. He will then be on Wind Tunnel Sunday night to talk about that and the company’s future in NASCAR. That future is in some doubt now that their flagship team of Penske Racing chose to go elsewhere for 2013 and beyond.

With just a week until the F1 season opener in Australia, Bob Varsha will be give us a preview of what to expect in 2013.

For Dale Earnhardt Jr., 2001 was a defining year in his life as he lost his father in the Daytona 500. In just his second season in the CUP series, Dale Jr. had to figure out how to cope with that loss as well as progress as CUP racer. In a recently released book entitled “In the Red: The 2001 Season with Dale Earnhardt Jr.," author, Jade Gurss, chronicles this difficult and challenging time in Dale’s life. Jade will be here to tell us how 2001 help model Jr. into the driver we see today.

Featured Interview Ralph Gilles (CEO, Chrysler’s SRT Brand and Motorsports)
Featured Interview Jade Gurss (Author, “In the Red: The 2001 Season with Dale Earnhardt Jr.")
Expert Analyst Bob Varsha (Host, Formula 1 on SPEED)

This Week’s Races:

  • CUP and Nationwide in Las Vegas
  • NHRA in Gainesville, FL
  • World Rally in Mexico
  • AMA Supercross in Daytona

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