Carl Edwards Serves As Kelly Ripa’s Co-Host On “Live!” Today

The week of sports personalities co-hosting the syndicated “Live! With Kelly" continued today with NASCAR driver Carl Edwards sitting next to Kelly Ripa. After Ripa introducing Edwards, she said, “I should point out to you on the phone with you walking us out was your wife." Edwards: “That was a big moment for my wife and I. She loves you."

Edwards told Ripa, “You are a very big deal in Missouri. I have never had more people come up to me and say, ‘Oh my gosh, you’re doing the show?! I’m going to be watching.’ Right now, productivity in Missouri is zero." Edwards also revealed he watched “The Bachelor" last night instead of the BCS National Championship game. After his wife pointed out the game was on at the same time, Edwards said, “I thought, ‘Who am I? What have I become?’"

Edwards later noted that Ripa had previously asked him the “toughest question I’ve ever been asked on television." Edwards said Ripa asked, “What does it smell like in that car after the race? Edwards said because he wears “his Avon Turn 4 XT it smells wonderful."

Edwards: “As a NASCAR driver, I left that and I thought, ‘I could have plugged Avon right then.’ It’s a fragrance that I endorse and you can tell when I’m wearing it, even on television, because of the confidence it gives me" Live! With Kelly

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