Fort Lauderdale sounds like a winner

UPDATE Dear, Loved the Ft. Lauderdale article, very informative. Will the France Family, who owns the oval in nearby Homestead, work the politics behind the scene to kill off this race? Dale Thomas

Dear Dale, They could. What's more important, however, is that IndyCar and the promoter have their ducks in order to ensure the race is a success. Mark C.

01/05/12 A reader writes, Dear, I just read your article about the possible IndyCar race in Fort Lauderdale. All I can say is wow, I hope it happens. It sounds like a real winner. It can't happen soon enough for me. I was at this past year's Las Vegas finale. As a fan I was embarrassed for IndyCar. What a kick in the pants when you give away free tickets and still the grandstands looked barren. Where are all those so-called oval track fans? Oh wait, IndyCar hardly has any. I'll take a Fort Lauderdale any day. Nick Deven, San Diego

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