IndyCar Las Vegas TV Rating

UPDATE #2 The rating actually peaked at 3.8 in the half hour in which Wheldon's death was announced, as people tuned in to see replays of the fiery crash and watch the remaining drivers take parade laps in tribute to him.

10/21/11 The final TV rating for last Sunday's Las Vegas IndyCar finale that only ran 13 laps due to the death of Dan Wheldon was a 1.6 with 2.448 million viewers tuned in. Not counting the Indy 500, that is the highest rating IndyCar has had in years. Now if IndyCar put all their races on ABC they would be averaging over 1.0 per broadcast and sponsors would begin to knock down the doors to get in. Instead they have Versus. Pennywise and pound foolish.

10/17/11 The overnight TV rating for the Las Vegas IndyCar finale on ABC Sunday that saw the unfortunate death of Dan Wheldon was a 1.5. That is the highest non-Indy 500 TV rating IndyCar has had in years.

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