Proper IndyCar oval track racing

UPDATE #2 Another reader writes, Can you,, PLEASE help us fans? Please send a representative or even you Mark C, to hand deliver, physically sit with Mr. Bernard, and watch with him any of the CART IndyCar oval races listed below. They are exciting and breath taking… IndyCar Oval racing on proper IndyCar Oval tracks, with proper aero-configurations…i.e.. Hanford Device-900hp, where the drivers really have to drive, drafting is an art, and the wankers can be clearly identified. Not this stock-car pack racing crap! Daniel Saucedo

10/21/11 A reader responds, Dear, I watched the US 500 video link you provided below. I remember that race, as I was there. Fantastic. 63 lead changes without the dangers of 'stupid' pack racing. What a show that was, and those CART IndyCars were sensational. I contrast and compare that to today's IndyCar product and I long for the past. Why can't IndyCar come up with cars that race like that. We were all on our feet most of the race. If I am Randy Bernard I am demanding that Handford Device wings be put on the new car and tested ASAP. I like the bodywork behind the rear wheels as that will stop cars from climbing over the rear wheels from behind. However, the sidepods on the new car need to be totally redone as they are ugly and do not offer enough protection. And you are right, the driver's head in the new car is even more exposed than the existing car, hence they need to test the canopy idea, which of course may mean they have to test your air conditioning idea as well. Looks like IndyCar has a lot of work to do before the new car is really safe. Tom Dillon


Handford Device on back of CART rear wings in 2001 at Fontana

A reader writes, Dear, OK so you criticize IndyCar's 'pack' racing oval races as too dangerous. Are you proposing IndyCar not run on any ovals? Tim Perlman

Dear Tim, Watch this 1998 CART US 500 race on the 2-mile Michigan oval. That is what you call good oval track IndyCar racing, with lots of passing and without the dangerous 'packs' that Brian Barnhart and company created which can wipe out 15 cars in one fell swoop. This is what a Handford Device wing could do for IndyCar racing. But wait, it was a CART invention so it must be bad right? Let's hope Randy Bernard watches this, likes it, and makes it happen because Barnhart and company are not smart enough to create cars with aerodynamics that work like the CART IndyCars did. And I have more:
1998 Fontana 500
1999 Michigan 500
2000 Michigan 500
2001 Michigan 500
2003 German 500
Mark C.

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