IndyCar drivers organizing to fight for safety changes

Following Dan Wheldon's death at the IndyCar race in Las Vegas on Sunday, his fellow drivers mourned the loss of their friend — then began to talk openly over Twitter about organizing themselves to push for safety changes.

Tomas Scheckter, the son of 1979 Formula 1 World Champion Jody Scheckter, was the first to tweet on Monday that IndyCar drivers needed to speak together if changes were to come:

  • Time for drivers to get together and start working as union. We need a voice before the voices we love to hear are not around anymore.

  • Things are going to change. I won't forget what I saw. I won't sit down and wait till it happens again.

  • When Nascar driver Jimmie Johnson spoke out to say Indy cars shouldn't run on banked ovals — a complaint now getting a public airing — many of his fans pushed back. But the IndyCar drivers understood:

  • I hate some of you don't understand my opinion of Indy Cars not running on ovals… I don't want to see my friends hurt or another tragedy.

  • I think there needs to be a clear ballistic plexi sheet on the fence to stop cars getting tangled up in it

  • right now IndyCars and nascars get caught in the fence and it rips the cars apart , if it could slide along it would

  • Other drivers were also thinking about more radical changes.
  • I'd like to see future IndyCar / Openwheelers with closed cockpits one day, like modern LeMans LMP1 cars have today.

  • And following Scheckter's lead, Alex Tagliani also pushed drivers to work together, an idea endorsed by Will Power among others.

  • Thx to all the great support towards Dan, we need to learn, Improve and make drastic changes to our cars, for safety. No holding back.

  • we take a lot of downforce off and make tough to go flat, change the body front nose and side wheel protection just for oval

  • Don't worry I am not going anywhere. I don't quit and I don't walk away. I do fight back for what I believe in. #timetobeheard

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