Fans love Newey designed open wheel concept car

UPDATE A reader responds, Dear, I like reading AR1, but are you serious about Adrian Newey and the concept car? You fail to mention that this car is designed for a video game! A little further review of the idea for the RedBull X2010 via Wikipedia:

"With its low air resistance achieved through its smooth glass canopy and full cowling over the tires, and the downforce gained from the low speed range using the fans as well as in the high speed range through the front and rear wings and the rear diffuser, the car ultimately achieved a theoretical maximum speed of 500 km/h, a weight of 545 kg, and a maximum lateral G force exceeding 8G. This spec is virtually at the very limit of what a normal human body can withstand. Modern fighter jets are usually electronically limited to 9G."

The idea is based upon the Brabham Fan Car of the late 1970's. The thoughts as far as the aero design is rather interesting, as far as the air from beneath the car and producing constant downforce, but the fact is that the car is fiction and would probably cost an arm and a leg to produce. If the Delta Wing was not accepted, this would not be either. IndyCar will not open up the rule book out of fear of escalating costs between two teams, Penske and Ganassi, who would distance themselves even further from the competition if they were allowed to design their own cars. Brandon Stevens

Dear Brandon, You missed the point. We recognize that the car is not real, but let's examine the key ideas that should be done on IndyCars: 1) A closed canopy to protect the driver's head, 2) Covered wheels to prevent tire-to-tire contact that launches cars into the air, 3) A futuristic looking car instead of that hideous thing Dallara built.

And how would you change tires you ask? The side covers on the wheels would have a hinge on top so the covers could swing upwards quickly to enable the tires to be changed. Those same tire covers allow side-to-side contact with no rubber-to-rubber contact. Then IndyCars can bump and bang a bit and still carry on racing, just like in NASCAR. Mark C.

10/18/11 In this article we referenced the idea of a canopy for IndyCars and showed a futuristic looking open wheel car designed by F1 genius Adrian Newey. Here is one (of many) reader's comments:

Dear, Now that thing is sexy. Perhaps something like that may make sense now. Newey involvement would certainly light it up for IndyCar and I for one think it is the best looking car out there right now. Clean sheet of paper thinking that is an evolution of the design and the sport in general… that is where Randy [Bernard] needs to move things, ovals or not… get it done! I doubt Dallara has the talent to design a car as spectacular as that. Mike Earle

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