Pirelli to try new soft compound in Germany

Pirelli will try out a new version of its soft tire in Friday practice at the German Grand Prix. The tire firm's motorsport boss Paul Hembery said the revised compound was part of efforts to make the Pirelli range slightly more durable to ensure the number of pitstops in races did not become excessive.

"It's not a big change from the current specification, but it is designed to fit in line with our latest versions of the P Zero Silver hard tire and P Zero White medium, both of which are a little harder than their original specification in order to reduce degradation," he said.

Hembery added that the tire was still being evaluated at present and there were no firm plans for its introduction.

"There's no decision yet on when we might use the new tire yet, but it will be very interesting to hear all the feedback from the teams," he said.

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