Lola and Drayson Racing announce electric race car collaboration

Lola Cars International Ltd and Drayson Racing Technologies LLP today announce the formation of an official partnership that will initially deliver an all-electric prototype race car, the Lola-Drayson B12/69EV. Lola Cars will have responsibility for developing the racing car chassis and Drayson Racing will have responsibility for developing the electric drivetrain.

The new project aims to fast-track the development of a range of new and next generation technologies including an all-electric drivetrain and sustainably sourced composite parts for the B12/69EV. These technologies will present a number of key opportunities to drive commercially viable innovation into many industries looking to improve energy efficiency and performance, such as aerospace, automotive, defense, renewables and of course motorsport.

The Lola-Drayson will be showcased during the last quarter of this year at a public test session where the aim will be to evidence the high performance of the electric powered race car on-track and to make public the innovative technologies being developed on the car. The ultimate goal of the Lola-Drayson partnership is to deliver an all-electric race car for the planned 2013 FIA electric car championship.

Additional information will be unveiled to the media at the Lola Technology Showcase Day at Lola on Wednesday 7th September 2011.


Martin Birrane, Executive Chairman, Lola Group "This is a very exciting and challenging project and Lola are pleased to welcome Drayson Racing to this unique partnership. I have known Lord Paul Drayson for some time now and I am aware of his many successes as a science entrepreneur in the UK. The team at Lola are looking forward to delivering this and many other innovative programs."

Robin Brundle, Managing Director of Lola Cars International Ltd "This joint technology showcase program will truly evidence the technical excellence that exists within Lola. We are delighted to work with Drayson Racing and on this very exciting and multi-industry led program. You cannot fail to be impressed with the full range of new technology that will be used in this first project which will demonstrate performance in a different class."

Lord Paul Drayson, Managing Partner of Drayson Racing Technologies "This project aims to tap into the huge demand from high tech industry for innovative new technologies that improve vehicle performance and sustainability. The Lola-Drayson B12/69EV will act as a racing laboratory, catalyzing technology innovation and driving commercial application in the automotive and related industries."

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