FIA proposes unanimous axe for F1 blown exhaust clampdown

(GMM) The FIA has proposed to scrap its controversial mid-season clampdown on blown exhausts.

Silverstone 2011 has been the scene of a highly-charged political saga about the technology, with major players Red Bull, McLaren and Ferrari all involved.

As Red Bull and McLaren battled over the extent and details of the clampdown, Ferrari was left smiling on Saturday as it came closer than ever in 2011 to the front of the field.

"Normally on tracks like this we'd be further down the road," acknowledged Red Bull pole sitter Mark Webber.

"There might be a bit of a form card starting to build, but we need some more races to see if that is the case."

Asked if he thinks his Australian friend is right, Ferrari's Fernando Alonso said: "It's a difficult question to answer."

It might never have to be answered, as the governing body is now proposing to definitively end the complicated debate and revert to the pre-Silverstone rules whilst waiting for a seamless ban in 2012.

The FIA said in a statement that the status quo will remain for Silverstone, but beyond that "the viability of returning to the pre-Silverstone set-ups and strategies" is being discussed.

"If the teams are in unanimous agreement, the FIA is prepared to adopt this arrangement until the end of the current season," the Paris federation added.

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