Craig Pollock not happy with engine rule change

PURE Corporation CEO Craig Pollock says he was left feeling ‘very disappointed’ after the FIA agreed to delay and modify Formula 1’s future engine regulations, with the company being forced to change its plans significantly as a result of the decision.

The Geneva-based manufacturer had been designing a powertrain based on the FIA’s rule set published last December, with a switch to 1.6-litre four-cylinder turbo engines expected in 2013. However, World Motor Sport Council (WMSC) members voted on Wednesday to ratify a new V6 1.6 turbo unit, along with a one-year delay.

"I’m very disappointed," Pollock told "I’m very disappointed basically at high levels, but I understand there has been a huge amount of pressure put on the key parties within the sport. You imagine yourself in that situation, what would you do? You are either going to lose Renault, or you are going to lose Mercedes, that is the threat.

"The decision was taken to compromise and come up with a solution where everybody was going to be so-called happy but, the reality is, it is still a compromise. I don’t think it has done the sport an awful lot of good, I think yet again it shows huge weaknesses."

PURE is now fully focused on its V6 program, with Pollock revealing that luckily, some of the technologies from its previous four-cylinder unit can be transferred.

"We are already well on the road towards that," Pollock commented. "Basically you have got a phase one situation where you have to really analyze everything you are going to need. Luckily, luckily we can probably take quite a lot out of our four-cylinder engine now and apply it into the V6 engine."

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