Dorna, IRTA agree new five-year contract

A new five-year contract has been signed between Dorna and MotoGP teams' association IRTA, running from 2012 to 2016.

The relationship between the two organizations commenced in 1992, when Dorna acquired the commercial rights for MotoGP from the FIM.

IRTA will continue to represent the interests of its members, which includes all teams and major service companies, via its representation in the Grand Prix commission and the day-to-day relationship with Dorna.

“Dorna has been a fantastic partner for IRTA for the last 20 years," said IRTA President and Tech 3 team owner Herve Poncharal. "They have constantly sought to improve the appeal of our sport via outstanding television coverage throughout the world.

"They have also taken us to new circuits in different continents and we now have a truly global audience to offer to our sponsors.

"Most importantly, Dorna has supported us and the riders by putting safety before any other matter, to the extent that considerations of the safety of the competitors is never compromised by commercial issues.

“I believe that IRTA has made its contribution to this development by delivering to Dorna the very best teams and riders to participate in the premier World Championship.

"In turn, our teams have risen to the occasion by improving their professionalism and presentation so that today the MotoGP paddock sets standards for every other motorsport. It is an environment which we can be proud to invite our sponsors to visit.

“I am particularly pleased that the signing of this renewal coincides with the 25th anniversary of the formation of IRTA which took place at Assen in June 1986."

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