Kahne worried about performance of team rest of year

Kasey Kahne

Kasey Kahne acknowledged Thursday afternoon he's concerned the remainder of his time at Red Bull Racing Team may be troublesome given the organization's uncertain future. "If everybody is unsure about what they have, I don't think they're going to perform like if they knew where they were going to be next year and knew that they were stable," he said after an Infineon Raceway-sponsored lunch in San Francisco.

"So as of right now, I'm a bit worried, yeah. I don't see how you can't be." Kahne, who went through a similar situation last year with Richard Petty Motorsports, said that in his experience with teams struggling to find financial support, "It slowly falls apart. It's kind of discouraging to be part of it, but at the same time, it's not even about myself," he said. "It's about those people and those families. And that's why (the performance) gets screwed up, because it's them that's getting hurt by this whole deal." SB Nation

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