Grand-Am like watching paint dry

Dear, Watching Grand-Am at Road America today was like watching paint dry. While it rained most of the day, the track dried just long enough in the late afternoon for Alex Gurney to post a lap of 2:03.132 (118.351 mph) to top all competitors in the first official day of practice for the debut race of the GRAND-AM Rolex Sports Car Series Daytona Prototype division on the legendary four-mile track.

Contrast and compare that to the ALMS lap speed of 1:46.935 (136.277 mph). So maybe the Grand-Am cars will go faster tomorrow, but that's almost 20 seconds a lap slower. That means the ALMS cars will lap the Grand-Am cars once every 9 laps or so, and that is on a long 4-mile course. They looked so slow I thought I was watching a parade today. Watching paint dry is more exciting. I'm heading home tomorrow, which will cut the attendance by 50%. Yehuda Libinowicz

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