Cosworth wants clarity over 2013 engine regs

Formula One engine manufacturer Cosworth has called for clarity over the 2013 engine regulations ahead of a meeting of the F1 Commission to discuss the issue on Wednesday.

Last December the FIA's World Motor Sport Council ratified plans to swap the current 2.4 liter V8 engines for 'greener' 1.6 liter four-cylinder turbo engines in 2013. F1 supremo Bernie Ecclestone and Ferrari voiced their concerns at the time and the manufacturers now appear to be split on when, or indeed whether, the new rules should come into force.

FIA president Jean Todt has revealed that Ferrari and Mercedes have voiced concerns over the cost of developing the engines and have asked for the introduction to be postponed, while Renault has threatened to quit if the switch from V8s is delayed.

Cosworth, F1's fourth engine supplier, has said that it simply wants a decision.

"We want clarity," Cosworth boss Mark Gallagher told GP Week. "If it's a 1.6-litre motor, fine, we'll be there. If not, we've got a V8 that we can continue with. We're agnostic. We don't have to have a V8 or V12 or an in-line four. If the F1 rules required a single-cylinder two-stroke, we'd be there. The FIA president has said he's listening and taking in everything we're saying. We just want a resolution.

According to Auto Motor und Sport the F1 Commission, made up of representatives from the teams, the FIA and various stakeholders, will meet on Wednesday with Ecclestone keen to stop the switch from going ahead.

Gallagher revealed that he is in support of a delay in order to stop the development of the new engines becoming a spending war.

"There's a big concern on our side because the new rules have no cost restrictions applied," Gallagher added. "So the manufacturers can spend a huge amount of money and we would have a space race around the new engine formula, which was never the idea.

"Everyone agreed that wasn't the idea, but unfortunately that's what happened. So we've also said to the FIA that a delay might be the right thing to do. I think all the teams, not just our customers, don't need to be spending more money on engine technology." ESPN F1

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