F1 pumps $85 million into economy

Ecclestone's hot and very rich daughters Petra (L) and Tamara (R)

It looks as if Formula One has already injected $85 million into the local economy — of Los Angeles.

The boss of Formula One is 80-year-old billionaire Bernie Ecclestone. The outspoken Ecclestone tends to make a lot of news on his own, but recently his 22-year-old daughter, Petra, has been stealing the headlines.

It has been reported that Petra bought the house built by late TV producer Aaron Spelling. The mansion, which carried a $150 million price tag, has been called the most expensive house in America.

Petra, showing the family knack for getting a bargain, reportedly paid $85 million for the 57,000 sq. foot chateau. The mansion has around 100 rooms, parking for 100 cars, a staircase like something out of “Gone with the Wind," and a bowling alley. As if Petra is going to break a nail trying to pick up a dime store (5-10) split.

Petra also has a $91 million house in Chelsea, England. She’s planning an August wedding to businessman James Stunt.

Petra’s big sis, 26-year-old Tamara, is also in the news.

Although she’s the older sister Tamara has to slum it in a Kensington Palace Gardens home worth only $73 million. But then, she’s a working girl.

She’s the face of Ultimo lingerie and will be on a British TV show “Wall of Fame," which, as best as I can determine, will make its debut Friday. A reality show, “Tamara’s World," is also in the works.

Viewers will get to see Tamara’s jet set lifestyle in places such as Monaco and Cannes. No word yet on whether Tamara and Petra will be jetting to Elroy next year. Austin Statesman

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