Busch Speaks out on Childress Incident

UPDATE What happened between you and Richard Childress following Saturday's NASCAR Camping World Truck Series race?
"There was an altercation in the garage area — in the Truck garage area — on my way out to my motorhome. Fortunately, NASCAR is taking the situation seriously and is looking into it, and making their decisions based what facts they can discover."

Did you meet with NASCAR and what did you discuss?
"I met with NASCAR (Sunday morning). Just discussed with them the incident to my best recollection and from there they will take all their discoveries and all their findings and make the best decision they feel possible."

Do you think NASCAR should penalize Richard Childress?
"That's not my decision. That's NASCAR's decision. Whatever they feel best to protect their sport and to protect what we have going on here is to their best discretion. I'm all for whatever they decide to do."

Do you have any reaction to Mike Helton's comments from this morning?
"All I can say is I did hear what (Mike) Helton said and I follow by what they said. I don't know that I did anything out of the ordinary that would provoke something of Mr. Childress. Mr. Helton gave a good description of events and what they saw happen and what further penalties might be."

Do you plan any action outside of what NASCAR may decide?
"I'm going to leave it up to NASCAR and let them decide what they feel is best."

06/05/11 Kyle Busch joined reporter Wendy Venturini live Sunday on NASCAR RaceDay Built by The Home Depot on SPEED to discuss for the first time Saturday’s incident with car owner Richard Childress following the NASCAR Camping World Truck Series race at Kansas Speedway. Following is a transcript from the interview:

On what happened between Busch and Childress Saturday following the NASCAR Camping World Truck Series race:

Busch: “There was an incident yesterday in the Truck Series garage as I was leaving my hauler on my way out to the motorhome lot. Unfortunately, it was an altercation between myself and Richard and NASCAR is looking at it to decipher through all the facts of what happened and everything and make a decision based on that."

On whether this been brewing between Busch’s camp and RCR:

Busch: “That’s not something I can answer. I wasn’t the aggressor or the instigator here. All I can say is I was just trying to head back to my hauler and deal with my own business."

On how he moves forward:

Busch: “I think the best thing to do is just try to put it behind you the best you can. It may be a thought on everybody else’s mind but when you get a helmet on and you get back behind the wheel of a race car and you get down to business, that’s what matters most. I’ve got a bunch of guys on my team that pull for me, that love what I do and work their guts out all weekend to give me a good race car. We struggled a little bit but we made some gains on it, qualified well, so hopefully we can translate that to a strong run today."

On any words Coach Gibbs had for Busch on the meeting with NASCAR this morning:

Busch: “He just said that he talked to them. He didn’t go into specifics about it really … that we were just trying to figure out the message of everything and exactly how and what happened. Other than that, we’re looking forward to today’s race and trying to concentrate on moving forward."

On whether it’s difficult to focus on the race with everything going on:

Busch: “It is and it isn’t. Maybe that’s a strategy. I don’t know. Once you get a helmet on and get down to business, that’s all that matters."

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