De Silvestro’s confidence shaken after Indy crash

The burns on Simona De Silvestro's hands are getting better. Restoring her confidence is another matter.

The 22-year-old Swiss earned the respect of her fellow IndyCar drivers by rallying from a frightening crash in a practice session at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway to qualify for the Indy 500 and start the race.

De Silvestro said the crash made her think about quitting. And even with Indy in her rearview mirror, she admitted she's still a little shaken up and that her mindset isn't yet back to where it was before the accident.

"You still kind of think about it," De Silvestro said during a break from testing at the Milwaukee Mile this week. "It was definitely difficult. I've had other crashes, and I never had that thought — and this time, I did. So it definitely shook me up quite a bit. And then when you get back in the car, it kind of feels all right, so you know what you're doing. You know you're going to hit the wall. It just happens, and you hope that it isn't as bad as what happened to me in Indy."

As of Wednesday, during the test in Milwaukee, her hands still were bandaged.

"They're getting better," De Silvestro said. "Actually, I think I'm a fast healer. Pretty much the left hand is almost good, and the right hand, we're getting there. There's just a couple of spots where there's still some skin missing but it's growing back. It definitely was a lot of up and downs because of the crash, but it's getting better."

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