Opening ceremony IndyCar plane crash a precursor to race

A small plane has crashed while participating in the opening ceremony for IndyCar's season opener in St. Petersburg and it was a precursor to the year to come in IndyCar. With it's new double-file restarts you are going to see a lot of wrecked race cars this year (tire-to-tire contact is a receipt for disaster) in IndyCar. And that's just the way today's race started out – four caution flags in the first 15 laps. Start writing checks, big checks, for the repair bills!

City officials say a T-28 Warbird reported mechanical difficulties then crashed into the water off Albert Witted Airport as it attempted a landing Sunday afternoon.

The pilot and a passenger were rescued and treated for minor injuries.

Officials are working on containing a small fuel spill caused by the crash. The Federal Aviation Administration is investigating the crash.

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