How to stop the Chip and Roger show

We have been asked numerous times how do you stop the Penske and Ganassi show in IndyCar because for many fans they are tired of their domination and voting by switching the channel. Well certainly they are both great teams with great drivers and the financial resources to dominate for a very long time.

And this problem is not unique to IndyCar as we see similar domination by certain teams in NASCAR, F1, and ALMS. What racing series must do is similar to what many stick and ball sports do, give the last place teams first draft pick so-to-speak to give them a chance to pull themselves up.

But there is no draft in racing.

There are a couple of ways to accomplish this. One way that comes to mind is to add one pound of weight (maybe 2) to each car in reverse order to how they finished the prior year. If there were 26 cars on the grid in 2011, then in 2012 the last place finisher would carry zero extra pounds above the minimum weight (with driver) and the champion would carry 25 extra pounds (or 50 if you really want to equalize things).

Another way is how the leader card money gets allocated in IndyCar. Do Penske and Ganassi for example really need this money? Really? The lesser teams sure could use a greater share to help with R and D with a chance to improve their game. I sound like a Socialist now so I better stop typing, but it is food for thought. Mark C. Reporting from St. Petersburg

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