FIA lengthens rear wing overtaking zone

The FIA has tweaked the moveable rear wing regulations ahead of the first race of the season to increase the chances of the new system boosting overtaking.

The area in which the wing can be deployed during races has been extended beyond the 600-metre zone originally penciled in to incorporate the entire pit-straight at the Albert Park circuit. If a driver is within one second of the car in front when he enters turn 14 he will then be able to activate his rear wing two turns later at the entrance of the final corner. In total the distance between the activation line and the first corner will be just under 860 meters.

The hope is that the reduction in drag will allow the chasing car to close the gap on the pit straight and attempt a passing move into the first corner. Both the timing line where the gap between the cars is monitored and the rear wing activation line will be marked on the circuit to give spectators a clearer idea of when the system can be used.

Red Bull boss Christian Horner told "I only found out today. It's a pain because it screws up our simulations and affects gear ratios."

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