World joining

A reader writes, Dear, it is interesting to see that all the major publications around the world (NY Times, Wall Street Journal, News Corp, Sky News, etc.) are now moving to a subscription based model like you did years ago, especially with the popularity of the iPad and the internet in general. I guess they finally figured out that there is no such thing as a free lunch. If people are willing to pay for a subscription for a print publication, why not an online publication? It takes money to run a publication that is worth reading (less money if you do not have to print on paper and mail it), and giving it away for free is only going to last so long. I just renewed and wanted to say that AutoRacing1 is one of the publications I am willing to pay for and happy to get the news without any trees being destroyed. Mike Neuman

Thanks Mike, We like to think that we were ahead of our time on the subscription based model idea, though for awhile there we felt like we were swimming upstream. We have a big announcement coming out in the next month or two that subscribers will enjoy. Mark C.

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