Conway looks impressive at Barber

UPDATE CORRECTION: Conway is not in Danica's back up car. Pictured below is Conway’s road course car for the season, and Go Daddy will be primary on Conway’s car (separate from the Go Daddy primary sponsorship of Patrick) for at least a few races starting with St. Pete.

Mike Conway

03/15/11 He may not have turned the day's fastest lap, but one really cool thing was watching Andretti Autosport's Mike Conway (driving Danica Patrick's backup car) crest the hill on the entry to turn 14. That is a very fast approach with a braking zone and turn-in just as you crest a hill.

He would come in there time and time again in a full 4 wheel drift, basically scrubbing speed sideways and pitching the car with the throttle. A couple times he hit the curbing there (not really a curb…just stripes) with opposite lock. It's so tough to see in an IndyCar because the wheel movement is so small.

But he was the only one taking that turn that way, and his turn-in was different from everyone else. It was really obvious that he was faster in that section that anyone else. It was visibly obvious.

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