Andre Azzi Still Committed to Developing Canadian IndyCar Drivers

André Azzi of the FAZZT Race Team says that he is still working hard to create a new Canadian driver development program. Azzi is currently consolidating his position so he can successfully carry out his wide-scale project.

To this end, Azzi sold his assets to Sam Schmidt Motorsport, a transaction he deemed strategic given changes in frame and engine regulations that will become effective during the 2012 IndyCar season. The transaction enabled Azzi to sell equipment he would have had to replace next year, while providing him with the leverage he needed to come back strong in 2012.

"Canada is known for its rich motorsports history, but to put this experience to profit, you need a strong support structure," said Azzi. "This is the task I chose to focus on this year in order to create much needed momentum for our Canadian race team and our project. I can now put everything into motion to build this solid support."

Azzi will devote the next eight months securing sponsors for his FAZZT Race Team, for which he continues to hold the rights, so it can tackle the 2012 IZOD IndyCar Series.

In 2009, Azzi played an instrumental role in launching the FAZZT Race Team, the only Canadian team to compete in the IZOD IndyCar Series. A year later, he announced his intention to create a new Canadian driver development program. Azzi remains as determined as ever to develop the next generation of Canadian drivers, but underscores that such a program can only succeed with the support of Canadian businesses and investors.

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