Hearse owner trying to exploit Earnhardt death

A North Carolina person is asking $1.5 million for a hearse they claim transported the body of seven-time Sprint Cup champion Dale Earnhardt in 2001.

The ad on eBay states that the 1996 Lincoln Town Car Hearse was used Feb. 21, 2001 to take Earnhardt from the funeral home to his burial spot in North Carolina. There is no verification, but the seller says, “This is 100% verifiable to qualified buyers."

According to eBay, the 1996 Lincoln Town Car Hearse is located in Huntersville, N.C., north of Charlotte. The seller, identified only as "chmark1968", says the vehicle has "Great NASCAR history," and "This Hearse was the last ride of Dale Earnhardt, Sr."

The listing says that "On Feb. 21, 2001 this hearse took Mr. Earnhardt from a Huntersville, North Carolina funeral home to his final resting place."

According to WBTV.com in Charlotte, the hearse originally belonged to Raymer Funeral Home in Huntersville, which handled Earnhardt’s funeral arrangements. It was sold to a man in Mt. Pleasant, N.C. in 2010, WBTV reported.

According to WBTV, Bill McKeithan purchased the hearse from Raymer Funeral Home. McKeithan said he posted an ad on Craigslist during this year’s Daytona 500 to sell the hearse for $8,800. Less than six hours later, someone called wanting to purchase it, he told the website jalopnik.com.

McKeithan also told jalopnik.com that he was "remorseful" for selling the hearse and, "I should have just kept it." 

As of noon Wednesday, no one had bid on the car.

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