Big updates for Ferrari coming

As everyone scrambles to catch the superior Adrian Newey designed Red Bull cars, the Ferrari F1 team is set to run a raft of new features as Barcelona testing continues this week, with the Maranello squad having elected to skip Tuesday in a swap with Saturday. The newly-named 150° Italia, following an aerodynamics test in Italy with Superleague Champion Davide Rigon at the wheel, will now be subject to a selection of updates.

As reported by Italy’s Autosprint, the car sported a selection of new aerodynamic features in the Rigon test for the rear wing, diffuser and bodywork. The Scuderia are believed to now be running Red Bull and Toro Rosso-like slits on the outside of the car’s body.

Ferrari begins its final preseason test at the Circuit de Catalunya on Wednesday, with Felipe Massa remaining in action until tomorrow evening before Fernando Alonso drives on Friday and Saturday, when larger crowds are expected to flock to the venue in order to view their leading national representative.

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