Korean GP offers bargain tickets to boost attendance

Ticket prices for the Korean Grand Prix have been slashed in an attempt to boost attendance figures this year.

168,000 spectators attended the race over three days last year, with 80,000 showing up on race day at the 135,000 capacity circuit. However, reports in the Korean press at the time said some tickets were given away for free to students in order to make the stands look full.

This year organizers have decided to slash the cost of the average ticket from 460,000 won (US$410) to 315,000 won (US$280), with the cheapest ticket on sale for just 87,000 (US$77). And in order to boost interest early on, tickets bought in March are being offered with a 50% discount.

"This year, we will try to improve our ticket sales, advertising and other areas of our operations," Head of the Korean Grand Prix organizing committee Park Joon-Young told the Yonhap news agency on Wednesday. "I know that there were controversies about our construction and also ticket prices. We will try our best so that motor sports can develop into a key part of our leisure industry."

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