FIA imposes curfew on mechanics

Fatigued Formula One mechanics will be spared regular all-night shifts next season after the sport's governing body inserted a "curfew" in new rules published on Monday.

The first grands prix of the 2010 championship saw some of the new teams working around the clock to get their cars ready in time.

Next season will be the longest ever, with a record 20 races.

The International Automobile Federation said in the new sporting regulations that team personnel "associated in any way with the operation of the cars" would be barred from the circuit for two six-hour periods before the start of practice on Friday and Saturday.

The lockout will start from midnight to 0600 where practice starts at 1000 local and from 0100 to 0700 where practice begins at 1100.

"However, each team will be permitted four individual exceptions to the above during a championship season," the FIA said.

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