Team Lotus to stick with green livery in 2011

(GMM) Team Lotus has decided to ditch its plans for a black and gold livery in 2011.

On Thursday, after Group Lotus announced it is entering F1 with Renault and revealed John Player Special-inspired colors for 2011, fans of the separate Tony Fernandes-headed team urged the Malaysian outfit to stay with its current green and yellow livery next year.

"Having four black cars looking the same I think is silly and one has to relent," Fernandes told the Reuters news agency.

"We're not childish and emotional and saying 'Oh no, we've got to be black and gold'. We're pragmatic," he added, revealing there had been some "negativity" about the earlier plans for a livery inspired by a cigarette brand.

As for the Lotus name, however, Fernandes vowed to push ahead, meaning the dispute is likely to now be settled in the London High Court sometime next year.

"Having two Lotus brands on the grid I think is no issue," he said.

Meanwhile, a date has been set for Sir Richard Branson's day as a skirt-wearing AirAsia stewardess, after losing a bet with Fernandes this year.

"It's confirmed February 21, 2011," Fernandes wrote on Twitter, revealing the flight will travel from London to Kuala Lumpur.

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