No KERS for Lotus Racing at start of 2011 season

The KERS system, which stores energy from braking to help boost acceleration later in a lap, has been reinstated for next season.

Adjustable rear wings will also come in to help improve straight line speed, although the F-duct – which provided a similar effect and helped McLaren and Red Bull among others in 2010 – has been outlawed.

“We will have the adjustable rear wing but not KERS for the start of the season – it’s in development – really because of engineering resource," said chief technical officer Gascoyne.

“Over one lap, it’s still not a big plus for its effort, involvement and negatives. Strategically off the start and in races, then yes.

“But at the start of the year, KERS is not going to be the thing that gives us the step up.

“It’s all the other things, and we’ve taken the choice to concentrate on all those because if we don’t get them right, KERS isn’t going to make a difference. Renault are very keen on green technologies and KERS, so it’s something we will be pushing."

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