Webber and Vettel speak on crash

While racing in 1st and 2nd positions of Turkish GP 2010, Sebastian Vettel crashed with Mark Webber

Mark Webber has blamed his teammate Sebastian Vettel for turning into him during the Turkish GP. On lap 41 of Sunday's grand prix, Vettel decided to have a go at his teammate for the lead as, at that point of the race, he was quicker than Webber.

However, the two Red Bulls made contact, forcing Vettel into retirement and Webber into the pits for repairs. He dropped from the lead down into third place.

"Seb had good a top speed advantage and he went down the inside. We were side by side and then looks like he turned pretty quickly to the right and we made contact," said Webber.

"It definitely happened fast. It's a shame for the team, but not an ideal day. The McLarens were solid today. It was good race between all four of us up until then."

He added: "Neither want to make contact but it can happen sometimes when both are in front. It is never ideal but it happened."

The Aussie was pressed as to whether his teammate had cost him a sure victory in Turkey, however, he didn't rise to the bait.

"There was a long way to go in the race so it was not a guaranteed victory," he said. "I still got a few points, but it was an interesting few meters on track between both of us. It wasn't the result neither of us wanted."

Vettel, though, saw the situation from a different view point when he finally ventured out to speak to the press having shunned any immediate interviews as he walked back to the pits.

"Obviously, I think if you look at the pictures it was clear I had the inside," said the German.

"I went on the inside, I was ahead and just going down to focus on the braking point and honestly, you can see we touched and he touched my right rear wheel and I went off."

But whoever was to blame, the German is confident that the accident will not put strain on his relationship with Webber.

"There is no fight," he said. "This is something that happens. We do not need it but there is nothing we can do now.

"Obviously I am not very happy, I was inside focusing on the braking point, we touched and that was it."

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