FAZZT Tag says this is just the beginning

Alex Tagliani

FAZZT Racing has been a consistent front runner all season long. Many new teams come to Indy and drown in the challenge and spectacle of this track and event. Tagliani and his young team seem to be taking it all in stride, and getting the job done. Though a new team, the team is comprised of carefully selected veterans from around the paddock, all with winning resumes. So it is not too much of a surprise that they are staring down the pitlane at a possible Indy 500 win in their first season as a team.

But Tag and his team know that they need to keep pushing if they are going to have any chance of mounting a challenge against the big powerhouse teams. Penske and Ganassi have strong cars and drivers, and then there are the super-teams running four or even five cars this weekend to contend with.

"Now the work starts," said Tagliani. "You have a long race, a lot of things happen. You each have a consistent car. I think there's more unpredictable things that could happen in the race.

"I think for us, looking at it about this week, it's amazing. No glitches, no mistakes. A little bit more intensity in the garage. The guys are under pressure a lot pushing back and forth, back and forth. The way they are conducting themselves, it's actually amazing for being our first effort here at Indy together. We have some more work to do on the car and hopefully we'll be able to battle with (Penske and Ganassi)again."

It's a 500 mile race that is run more like a sprint race now. Gone are the days when you had to save the car just to get to the end. You have to run fast from the green to the checker, and the FAZZT team is making this year's Indy a bit more interesting, hoping we could see a break in the Penske/Ganassi run of victories in recent years.

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