Bruno not concerned with low track time

Bruno Junqueira

Bruno Junqueira put on a professional performance yesterday, taking a car he had no time in, and putting it solidly in the field. The relationship with his team, and the shaky status of funding for the car, created a situation that is refreshing to see in the sport.

Everyone knows this sport takes a check to turn a wheel. But the team, despite not getting any follow-through on promised funds, decided to do the right thing and get Bruno in the field.

A year ago, Bruno jumped out of his seat and gave Tagliani a shot at the field, and this is a refreshing case of someone simply doing the right thing and returning the favor and showing some loyalty and integrity.

"They stepped up last minute when I didn't get the money," Junqueira explained. "B&W said, 'No, you are part of the team, and we want to help your car, as well.' So they made it possible."

"I have to thank the team. They gave me a good car," he said. "I think it says a lot about my experience. I have always enjoyed and felt very comfortable in Indianapolis. I know my way to go really fast here. But they gave me a fast car, as well."

"I think we're going to have a competitive car for the race," he said. "We're not going to have much practice time, maybe Carb Day. But Tags is going to go for the race setup, and I hope he can give me a good race setup. The cars are fast, and I'm happy. I'm so happy."

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