Keke Rosberg insists no problem with Schumacher

(GMM) Keke Rosberg has shied away from rekindling his earlier attack on Michael Schumacher.

At Monaco earlier this week, elements of the media stirred up the old controversy sparked by the seven time world champion parking his Ferrari at Rascasse to prevent Fernando Alonso from securing pole position.

In 2006, 1982 world champion Rosberg said Schumacher should "retire in shame" for dragging "our sport into the dirt", and advised the German's wife to cut off his supply of "food and sex".

Four years on, Rosberg's German-born son Nico is Schumacher's teammate at Mercedes, and treading a careful path to concentrate on his job and avoid getting into scrapes with the famous 41-year-old.

Keke Rosberg told Bild newspaper at Monaco: "Michael and I got over it long ago. There is nothing anymore.

"Snow always melts by the summer," the Finn added.

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