Red Bull warns rivals ahead of Monaco

Christian Horner

After dominating Sunday’s Spanish grand Prix from start to finish, Red Bull Racing boss Christian Horner has warned their rivals to expect more of the same at the upcoming Monaco Grand Prix, despite the fact that the Monte Carlo circuit is not a speed track.

Traditionally this track has not been kind to Red Bull but Horner is confident that their rivals will once again be left scratching their heads as the two Red Bull contenders storm their way through qualifying and Sunday afternoon’s race.

"It is a race that we are determined to do well at. It is a circuit that we weren't particularly strong at last year, but we feel we have improved the car in a lot of areas compared to last season and we believe we can be very strong in Monaco," he was quoted as saying in Autosport.

"What I am really pleased to see is that if we had an Achilles Heel last year it was on the slower speed corners. Some of the work that the guys have done over the close season and in the early development of RB6 is that we have maintained our high speed performance but also really improved the low speed performance. A combination of factors have come in to play, so it is very pleasing to see the drivers' performance in the last sector in Spain for example, where with both RB4 and RB5 it was not our strongest area."

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