Maybe split qualifying for Monaco

Drivers propose split qualifying for Monaco | Planet F1 | Formula One News
The F1 drivers are set to ask the FIA to split next weekend's Monaco qualifying in a bid to avoid traffic ruining drivers' laps.

The tight and twisty Monte Carlo street circuit has always been a nightmare during qualifying as the drivers try to get track position and a gap between themselves and those ahead, in order to get the best possible lap time.

However, this year there are 26 cars taking part in qualifying as opposed to last year's 20 and already this season there have been a few traffic problems during qualifying – and at wider tracks.

The drivers, though, are hoping that FIA race director Charlie Whiting listens to their solution and agrees to implement it for Monaco.

"We have to discuss this with Charlie, how are we going to do it – especially with qualifying," said Bruno Senna. "There are a few things we need to go through with Charlie tomorrow and perhaps in Monaco after first practice.

"The idea of splitting the field is not a bad one to be honest. If they take six or eight cars from the group of the fastest cars, or slowest cars, and the other guys go in a different qualifying, it will probably be a good idea for both people.

"We don't want someone much faster than us coming to overtake us, and they don't want to be every lap getting someone slower. Let's see how the time schedules go. I suppose it would be possible."

Senna, though, isn't alone in suggesting a split qualifying in Monte Carlo.

"From my perspective I think it's very hard – for me that I'm slow as well as for guys in front who are very quick," Lotus driver Jarno Trulli told Autosport.

"I would think that somehow the FIA should think to split us. I don't know how to approach it but I think 24 cars on track is going to be hard.

"It's really going to be hard. We really have to manage it in a good way. I don't know if it's right or wrong but maybe they should consider it.

"Split it any way you want, it's not up to me, but if the teams can agree, let's agree. Because otherwise we'll start complaining over that. So it's better to sort it out before than making a big mess after."

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