Mercedes team announces addition of small sponsor

MERCEDES GP PETRONAS is pleased to confirm the team’s new partnership with Autonomy Corporation plc, a global leader in infrastructure software for the enterprise and the second largest software company in Europe.

Established in 1996, Autonomy was founded on the vision of dramatically changing the way that we interact with information, enabling computers to map to the human world rather than the other way around. Autonomy’s unique meaning-based technology derives understanding from all content and enables organizations to eliminate the traditionally manual and costly operations of analyzing and processing information by performing these functions automatically and in real time. Today, Autonomy is a FTSE 100 company and the second largest software company in Europe with over 20,000 blue-chip organizations across seven continents relying on Autonomy’s technologies for true business gain and risk mitigation.

The new partnership with the MERCEDES GP PETRONAS team provides Autonomy with a marketing platform for their industry-shaping technology through the global appeal and audience of Formula One. Autonomy branding features on the chassis, nose and cockpit of the MGP W01 cars of Michael Schumacher and Nico Rosberg. Nick Fry, Chief Executive Officer of MERCEDES GP PETRONAS, said: “We are very pleased to confirm our new team partnership with Autonomy. Formula One is one of the most technically advanced sports in the world and a perfect match for Autonomy as an innovative technology company who are right at the cutting-edge of their industry. Our new partnership will provide mutual synergies and benefits for both parties and we look forward to working closely with Autonomy as this exciting 2010 Formula One season continues."

Dr Mike Lynch, Founder and CEO of Autonomy, commented: “Formula One is built upon some of the finest engineering in the world. Constant innovation, cutting-edge technology and the quest for ever higher speed and reliability are all cornerstones of both Formula One and Autonomy, which at its heart is an engineering company with R&D by far our largest department. We are delighted to join forces with the MERCEDES GP PETRONAS Formula One Team and are looking forward to an exciting 2010 season."

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