Bernie tips Vettel as next World Champion

Bernie Ecclestone elated by Schumacher's return – of course he would be, higher TV ratings mean more revenue for F1

Bernie Ecclestone told German newspaper Bild that Michael Schumacher's biggest rivals in 2010 would be, Lewis Hamilton, Fernando Alonso, and Sebastian Vettel, who he predicts will be the next world champion.

"Without a doubt, the young ones will want to beat Schumacher," said Ecclestone. "He will make sure of that. That's the appeal of all of this."

"I was of course a little surprised – I didn't really expect that he would drive for Mercedes, but now I'm just simply very, very happy," said Ecclestone.

"He wouldn't have come back had he not been thinking of victory. He really does seem very motivated.

"It is good for everyone, very good actually. For the media, for the fans and for the sponsors – but I cannot express it in numbers. It is impossible to calculate.

"Don't forget, next year we have four current or former world champions in the shape of Alonso, Hamilton, Jenson Button and Schumacher on the starting line. I can't remember the last time that happened."

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