Why more road courses for IndyCars?

A reader writes, Dear AR1.com, Why has the IRL IndyCar series morphed into what CART/Champ Car was right down to the increase in road courses….even to the point that the IndyCar series ladder system is now all road racing series and the road to NASCAR is through the Midget/Sprints/Champ Dirt oval route? Isn't this a bit hypocritical given we had to get back to where CART was in 1995 but in doing so they destroyed the entire sport? Who is going to be held responsible for this travesty? Mordichai Rosen, LA, California

Dear Mordichai, The video below explains why IndyCar had to reduce the number of oval races on its schedule. The crash and bodily damage was horrific. As for who should be held responsible? Well there are a lot of people to blame, including the greedy car owners who jumped ship to the IRL, but the primary architect of the biggest mistake in the history of auto racing, Tony George, has been fired by his own family, which underscores how they feel about what he did. Someday a book needs to be written about just how much damage he did as we don't believe people realize the extent of the travesty. The IRL is trying to recover, but we're not sure the damage is reversible. Maybe. Mark C.

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