Summary of 2010 F1 qualifying changes

Formula 1 governing body the FIA has confirmed that eight cars will now be eliminated in the Q1 and Q2 phases of qualifying from the 2010 season onwards. The modification comes due to the increased size of the field and is joined by a raft of other minor changes.

Qualifying: With the field being bolstered in size from 20 to 26 cars for next year, the FIA has revealed that eight cars (as opposed to six) will now be eliminated in the first two phases of the qualifying hour; as such, Q1 will now determine grid slots 19 to 26 with positions 11 to 18 being occupied by taking results from Q2. Q3 will remain a top ten shootout, with cars no longer carrying fuel into the start of the race – all competitors' cars will be refueled after qualifying.

Garage space: The FIA has said that all teams will now enjoy the same amount of garage space at each circuit; previously, the reigning Constructors' Champions generally enjoyed the most space but all garages will now be of equal size.

Engines: The regulation of eight powerplants per season remains although no driver can now use two additions units on one race weekend – in the event of such an occurrence, the driver involved will receive 10-place grid penalties for both the Grand Prix in question and the following event.

In-season aerodynamic testing: Now reduced from eight to six days, with a new option introduced which allows teams to swap any of those six days for four hours of full-scale wind tunnel testing within a period of 24 hours.

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