More fraudsters in F1 circles

The commercial dealings of the Mercedes Grand Prix team have seemingly begun in negative fashion as the Brackley team is currently involved in an argument over 90 million Euros' (£81.3m) worth of sponsorship with German company Henkel. The situation dates back to July when the Mercedes team, then Brawn GP, agreed to a 3-year sponsorship deal with the company which operates in three business areas – home care (such as dishwashing liquids), personal care (products such as shampoos and toothpastes) and adhesives, sealants and treatments for surfaces.
With the contract in place, Mercedes Grand Prix is believed to have contacted Henkel following the team's takeover of Brawn, only to learn that the Düsseldorf company denied any such connection with the team.

According to German publication Handelsblatt, Henkel argues that its former head of corporate affairs possessed no right to sign such a contract, thus meaning the company is not legally bound to the Mercedes deal. The Grand Prix team, on the other hand, is believed to be arguing that the unnamed individual did hold rights to confirm the deal, meaning the contract stands.

The departed Henkel worker in question is now facing prosecution for fraud. "The Formula 1 deal is invalid because it is signed by someone who was not entitled to do so," reads a statement from Henkel, the producer of Persil washing powder. "There are therefore no (valid) claims against Henkel."

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