Mosley slams ‘guilty cheat’ Briatore

(GMM) Former FIA president Max Mosley has slammed Flavio Briatore for taking legal action against F1's governing body.

Briatore, Renault's departed team boss, was banned from the sport for his role in the so-called 'crash-gate' scandal of 2009.

Accusing Mosley of enacting personal revenge, he subsequently challenged the ruling in the French courts and is seeking a million euros in damages.

"What he's saying is that he was not given a proper trial, but he declined to turn up and declined to appeal," Mosley, who has been succeeded by Jean Todt, wrote in the Sunday Telegraph.

"The fact is he knew damn well he was guilty," he added, describing the events of Singapore 2008 as an "outrageous act of cheating".

The 69-year-old Briton also said Briatore's legal action was launched to "distract everybody's attention".

"What it reminded me of was Saddam Hussein's PR man telling the world the Americans were in full retreat when you could just about see their tanks pulling up over his shoulder," Mosley added.

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