Bad news just keeps coming for NASCAR

Mike Mulhern reports that on the heels of the sudden dismissal of General Motors head Fritz Henderson, came the unexpectedly decision by new Chevrolet boss, and long-time racer, Brent Dewar to step aside too. Dewar, promoted to the job just five months ago, is leaving GM next April, but he has already turned his keys over to a new man, Jim Campbell. And that, on the same day that the new head of Buick was also shuffled out, after even less time on the job.

Then, on top of all that chaos in Detroit, came another hard blow to NASCAR, with word that Jim Hunter, one of the sport's most authoritative voices down in Daytona headquarters, and one of the sport's most knowledgeable figures, has been hit with cancer. Hunter, a former newspaperman, was once head of Darlington Raceway, once head of Talladega Speedway, currently head of NASCAR's communications division….but is best known for his work as the France family's 'consigliore,' the man they all turned to in times of trouble, and the point-man in dealing with hot button issues. Hunter missed the last four races of the 2009 season and has been taking massive doses of chemo to fight the disease.

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