FIA confirms new points and stewards systems

UPDATE (GMM) A new points system for 2010 was approved by F1's governing body during a meeting of the World Motor Sport Council on Friday.

The FIA's Monaco meeting means that grand prix winners next year will receive 25 instead of 10 points, while the nine finishers behind him also score points.

It was also confirmed that – subject to the approval of the track – Korea will as scheduled host its inaugural race next October, while Abu Dhabi resumes its season finale place by swapping with Brazil.

Another notable decision is that Alan Donnelly will no longer be the chief steward next year, and that permanent stewards will instead "sit with experienced former F1 drivers" to "reach decisions very efficiently".

It is rumored that Donnelly will move on to become FIA president Jean Todt's F1 Commissioner, who will travel to every race on the 2010 calendar.

Measures to improve F1's spectacle, meanwhile, could be implemented when the Sporting Working Group meets next month to make recommendations to the World Motor Sport Council "to consider in advance of the 2010 F1 season", the FIA added.

12/11/09 The World Motor Sport Council met in Monaco on 11 December 2009. The following decisions were taken:


The FIA President opened the meeting by reaffirming his strong commitment to encouraging an ever closer collaboration between the mobility clubs of the FIA and its National Sporting Authorities. A particular emphasis will be placed on developing synergies between sport and mobility on safety matters, as well as economic and environmental sustainability issues.


Board representatives from the global automobile manufacturers will be invited to participate in the Manufacturers Commission. The Commission will examine strategic sporting and mobility matters relating to the broad range of the FIA’s activities.


F1 Stewards

A smaller permanent group of F1 Stewards will sit with experienced former F1 drivers to provide a permanent panel of three FIA stewards, together with one steward representing the National Sporting Authority, to deal with F1 at each Grand Prix.

There will no longer be a non-voting Chairman and each group of stewards will elect their own Chairman amongst themselves for each race. Utilizing video and radio exchanges they should aim to reach decisions very efficiently.

The current observer program for F1 stewards will continue, and training, distribution of decisions, and an annual meeting will be encouraged to raise the quality of decisions in this permanent group.

FIA F1 Ambassadors

An FIA F1 Ambassador will be appointed from the membership of the World Council for each event. The Ambassador will liaise with the National Sporting Authority (ASN) and organizing team at the circuit. He will also meet with the ASN President, FIA VIP guests, Formula One Management, F1 Teams and other stakeholders and act as an Ambassador of FIA sport.


Due to the expanded grid of 13 teams, and further to the recommendation of the F1 Commission, a new points system will be in place for the 2010 season.

2010 FIA Formula One World Championship

14/3 BHR Bahrain
28/3 AUS Australia
4/4 MYS Malaysia
18/4 CHN China
9/5 ESP Spain
16/5 MCO Monaco
30/5 TUR Turkey
13/6 CAN Canada
27/6 ESP Europe (Valencia)
11/7 GBR Great Britain
25/7 DEU Germany
1/8 HUN Hungary
29/8 BEL Belgium
12/9 ITA Italy
26/9 SGP Singapore
10/10 JPN Japan
24/10 KOR Korea*
7/11 BRA Brazil
14/11 ARE Abu Dhabi

*Subject to the homologation of the circuit.
Note: The races in Australia and Abu Dhabi will start at 1700 local time, in Malaysia at 1600 local time, in Canada at 1200 local time, in Singapore at 2000 local time, and in Japan at 1500 local time.


Commissioners for the FIA World Championships will be appointed by the World Motor Sport Council on the proposal of the President of the FIA.

The commissioners report directly to the President of the FIA and, at the request of the President, to the Deputy President of the FIA for Sport or to other members of the World Motor Sport Council.

The commissioners will be present at each event of the World Championship for which they have been appointed and their role is to serve as permanent liaison for the various stakeholders involved (ASNs, promoters, organizers, manufacturers, teams, officials, suppliers, etc.).

They are also tasked with supervising the general running of the Championship and its development on behalf of the FIA.

The commissioners are not empowered to take decisions or to perform any other act of a regulatory nature which may come under the remit (sporting, technical, organizational or disciplinary) accorded to the officials of the event by the International Sporting Code.

The appointment of the commissioners will allow the FIA President to focus on the strategic development of the FIA and in particular to further encourage the synergies between mobility and motor sport.


From January 2010, there will be a Super 2000 World Rally Championship for Drivers. The number of qualifying rallies is 10, and at the time of registration the entrant must nominate seven rallies, including two outside Europe, in which to score points. This Championship is in addition to the WRC Cup for S2000 Teams.

From 2011, S2000 cars (1.6L turbo and 2.0L normally aspirated) and Group N cars will be eligible for the WRC and all FIA Regional Rally Championships. In addition, from 2011, all new homologations of S2000 cars must be fitted with a 1.6L turbo engine.

From 2010, the latest FIA 8860-2004 helmet will be mandatory for all Priority drivers competing in World Rally Championship events. The helmet, which took eight years to develop by the FIA and FIA Institute, provides drivers with increased protection in all key impact areas. It absorbs 50 per cent more impact energy and has improved load spreading during side impact accidents. It also resists 30 per cent more penetration energy and provides up to 30 per cent more protection against injury caused by excessive rotational accelerations.

Further details regarding the helmet specification and its associated benefits will be distributed in due course.

The dates of the following 2010 events have been amended:

31/3-3/4 HKJ Rally Jordan
7-11/7 BGR Rally Bulgaria
28-31/7 FIN Rally Finland


Teams will be allowed to compete in the 2010 FIA Cross-Country World Cup using 2009-spec cars, further to the request made by Volkswagen, BMW and a team running Mitsubishi cars.


There will be no balance of performance changes to any of the cars after the start of the 2010 season.


2010 FIA GT1 World Championship

4/4 ARE Yas Marina
2/5 GBR Silverstone
23/5 CZE Brno
4/7 FRA* Paul Ricard
1/8 BEL Spa-Francorchamps
29/8 DEU Nürburgring
19/9 PRT Portimao
7/11 ZAF* Durban
28/11 BRA Interlagos
5/12 ARG San Luis

*Subject to the ASN confirmation.


The 2010 calendar for the FIA Formula Two Championship has been expanded from eight to nine events, with two races to be held at each event to give a total of 18 races for the championship. Race duration will be increased to 40 minutes for both races at each 2010 F2 event.

Engine power will be increased from 400bhp to 425bhp, with a greater gain on overboost, from 450bhp to 480bhp.

The number of cars admitted to the championship has increased from 26 to 30. There will be no more mandatory pitstops.

Various changes made to the F1 Sporting Regulations have also been incorporated into the F2 regulations, including:

– Time penalties
– The number of times a driver can cross the line before serving a penalty during the race
– Detail changes to the Safety Car Procedures
– Changes to the race suspension procedures to clearly specify where cars should stop on the grid.


CIK-FIA U-18 World Karting Championship

23-25/7 DEU Wackersdorf
27-29/8 ESP Alcaniz
01-03/10 FRA Val d’Argenton

Further to the FIA’s tendering process, a number of single-suppliers were appointed for the CIK-FIA Championships in 2010. Any financial contributions from these suppliers, as part of their supply agreement, are used entirely to support the competing drivers.


The FIA has created a Women & Motor Sport Commission (WMC). The aims of the WMC are to:

– Facilitate the full participation of women in all aspects of motor sport.
– Set in place strategies and policies that will promote the education and training of women in motor sport.
– Implement actions and events to allow the sharing of experiences and reflection on how to strengthen the participation of women (as athletes, officials and managers) in motor sport.
– Collaborate with international organizations on joint sports projects.

Former World Rally star driver Michèle Mouton has been appointed as President of the WMC.

The Commission will be made up of a further 10 members:

1 FIA Commission Manager
1 FIA Manufacturers’ representative
3 Representatives of National Sporting Authorities
1 Team Managers’ representative
1 Drivers’ representative
1 Representative of the Fédération Internationale de Motocyclisme
1 Project manager
1 FIA Communications’ representative


The WMSC approved calendars for a number of international series and national championships with foreign events, including the Formula 3 Euro Series, DTM, Superleague Formula, and Formula BMW Europe.


A mandate has been given to the F1 Sporting Working Group, a sub-committee of the F1 Commission made up of the FIA and F1 teams, to develop detailed proposals to improve the show. The Working Group will meet in January and make recommendations for the World Motor Sport Council to consider in advance of the 2010 F1 season.

Following the FIA Rally Forum, a Working Group has been created to produce a plan to develop rallying on a global level. The group is chaired by the FIA Deputy President for Sport and comprised of representatives from each category of stakeholders.

An Environment Working Group has been created, with representatives from the Environmentally Sustainable Motor Sport Commission and the Alternative Energies Commission. Together they will make environmental proposals for the FIA championships.

The FIA has created two sub-committees within the Manufacturers’ Commission, one for tire manufacturers and another for fuel suppliers.

The Women in Motor Sport Commission has been created (detailed as above).

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