Atherton stars at Motor Sports forum

An address by American Le Mans Series President and CEO Scott Atherton highlighted the inaugural Motor Sport Business Forum North America on Tuesday morning. More than 260 delegates turned out for the opening day of the event in Orlando, Fla., with Atherton earning laudatory praise for his remarks during a panel on the State of North American Motorsports.

Top executives from leading U.S. and worldwide motorsports governing bodies expounded on their respective racing series while also setting the overall tone for the MSBF-NA in total.

“This panel is about the state of North American Motorsports, but we believe the focus should also be on the future of motorsports," Atherton told the gathering. He highlighted a variety of energy-related initiatives the American Le Mans Series has explored in recent years. The focus on leading-edge technologies and innovations that impact alternative energy applications and propulsion for the Series’ participating manufacturers has made the Series the Global Leader in Green Racing, according to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, U.S. Department of Energy and SAE International.

Atherton’s dialogue was applauded by media members in attendance, including’s Scott Morris.

“(He) was the only speaker to directly address the topic of ‘The State of North American Motorsports’," Morris wrote. “The other speakers talked about their series, and there was a bit of a pitch to their presentations that were still informative. But Atherton prepared a piece that was quite insightful about where motorsports is headed right now.

“His presence was quite stately, and where much of motorsports management is more casual, this guy is a very polished cut from the modern executive mould. We find this very refreshing," Morris continued. “He talked about all of the things we see in racing in past months being tied to a need for a direct link to the cars that are on the road, with the green factor and alternative fuels and energy being the biggest ingredient … providing that relevance for the manufacturers that no other form of racing is doing today, all but challenging other series to follow suit."

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