Daly Academy launches Driver Development and Management company

Derek Daly Academy is pleased to announce that after two years of being asked for it – here it is; The Complete Champion Model driver development and management structure (CCM). CCM is the most comprehensive development and management structure for drivers available today that removes hope from being the strategy for parents and investors. CCM will be made available through Derek Daly Academy on a limited basis.

“During American and European seminars over the past two years in particular, the question kept coming up; why don’t you set up the ideal driver development and management structure? Well – here it is", said founder, Derek Daly. “Just like most sports today, we are now in a far more specialized arena. The amount of seminars available for drivers these days has ballooned and the information is invaluable. What CCM does however is add its unique perspective on what driver development requires, include generally available professional services, and package and manage the development of the athlete"….said Derek.

For the past seven years, while being deeply involved with driver development from karting to open wheel race cars, CCM evolved through real life and practical experiences combined with the information contained in Derek’s book about driver development; Race to Win. The combination was then wrapped in a systematic structure that creates a proven path for drivers, parents and investors, etc.

There are many managers, coaches and driver assistance programs available to drivers but until today, there has never been a true driver development and management structure combination developed to systematically develop motorsports athletes in the way that CCM can. “Motorsports is one of the most complex, expensive, dangerous and emotionally engaging sports in the world. It’s the emotionally engaging sector that gets parents and investors into trouble because they don’t have a structured path to follow as they invest in their athletes", said Derek. “I’ve seen this first hand, I’ve witnessed sponsors and investors become disillusioned, I’ve had conversations of despair and these conversations have accelerated the creation of CCM".

Derek has one of the most diverse backgrounds in motorsports today that has encompassed competing and coaching from Formula Ford to Formula One. Derek also spent twenty years as a television broadcaster. The CCM program will be made available to drivers on a very limited basis in 2010.

Derek Daly Academy (DDA) was founded in 1996 by Derek Daly and operated from the Las Vegas Motor Speedway. DDA operated a racing school and corporate entertainment facility until 2006. In addition to a race school, DDA created specialized programs for such notables as; Sylvester Stallone, Vin Diesel, Pete Sampras, and John Oates.

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