Danica doesn’t have to enter Daytona ARCA race to test

Several sources have made a big deal about the fact that Danica hasn't filed an entry for ARCA testing at Daytona International Speedway December 18, 19 and 20, intimating that since she hasn't registered for the test, she won't test, and if she won't test she can't run the Daytona ARCA race in February, and if she doesn't run the ARCA race, NASCAR won't approve her to run the NASCAR Nationwide race a few days later. Don Radebaugh, longtime ARCA public relations director, says that Danica doesn't have to file any sort of advance notice for the test. She can enter "the same day. There is no deadline." As for what car she would drive, there are already at least seven cars entered with "TBA" under the driver's name. Another source suggests Patrick will participate in a "secret" Daytona test before the end of the year. At the moment, Daytona has no such test on the books. If she tests at Daytona, it will likely be with ARCA. Can she race the ARCA race in February, without testing? "We do not take a position on that matter until we have an official entry," Radebaugh says. Certainly Danica has experience on big speedways, but not in stock cars. Both NASCAR and ARCA have long made it clear that Daytona drivers need to have drafting experience on a superspeedway in stock cars before they can race. So even if Danica did have a private test, she would need to learn drafting in a pack of cars, and the ARCA test will be the only opportunity for that. Orlando Sentinel

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