Craig volunteers for WTCC position

UPDATE Andrew Craig writes, Dear, There is a factual inaccuracy in the story and I would be very grateful if you would correct this as soon as possible. I have not been “hired" by anyone. My work on the FIA Touring Car commission is voluntary as are all such roles at the FIA. Andrew Craig

[Editor's Note: As President of CART at the time, Andrew Craig had to deal with the challenges of “the split" from day one of his time at CART, the simple fact is that when he left the company it had over $100 million on its balance sheet ( zero when he arrived) and was throwing off $25 million pretax each year. It had full grids of competitive cars. It was struggling with its TV ratings but I think that IndyCar would be absolutely thrilled to have those ratings today. He was indeed at the “forefront of the open wheel war" but he was not around when three years after he had left; the $100 million in cash, the profits and most of the teams…..had vanished. Up against the voodoo economics of the IRL (free Hulman George family money pumped into the business with complete disregard for corporate governance) for which it had little chance of succeeding.]

10/21/09 He was at the forefront of the open wheel war that saw open wheel racing decline and crash in the USA. Now returning to the racing world, after orchestrating the CART IndyCar World Series IPO and a controversial exit from CART several years back, Andrew Craig been hired by the Touring Car Commission. The TCC is the FIA's organizational arm that runs the World Touring Car Championship. Craig's hire was announced today at the World Motor Sport Council meeting.

"I am very much looking forward to being involved and in supporting the Commission chairman, Jonathan Ashman, in developing WTCC for the future," Craig told AUTOSPORT. "I think that the FIA with Jonathon Ashman, Marcello Lotti and Eurosport and have created a virtuous circle where all parties have mutual interests and benefits; hence the success of the WTCC. I am sure there is a lot more to come."